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Do you guys know glycol?

Clear Glycol Inc. collectively has 60+ years of technical and troubleshooting experience with glycol and amine systems. We provide technical advice and awareness on what actions can be taken to resolve your process issues.

What makes you different from the other distributors?

If your glycol is contaminated or off-spec, the first question we ask is: “what is the most cost-effective option for the end user, to bring this fluid back to spec?” We troubleshoot. Then present options.

So you’re a service company and a supplier?

That’s the value we offer, value unsurpassed by any other vendor. The big distributors can only sell you inhibitor - and more glycol. We have proven that glycol is a renewable resource - it can be reclaimed. Dump/refill is the last option we suggest!

Will filtering work for my system?

Our mobile filtration units can tie into any dehy, engine, line heater, loop or refrig unit. Decontamination, add-pack treatment, sampling and analysis is all done while the unit is online.

Is filtering cheaper than replacing?

Filtration saves you the cost of replacing

glycol, waste disposal

, and shut downs.

Can you test my existing fluid?

Aside from our own results and data, a sample of our finished product is sent to a third party laboratory for analysis, to ensure quality assurance.

After filtration, how do I know my fluid meets spec?

Aside from our own results and data, a sample of our finished product is sent to a third party laboratory for analysis, to ensure quality assurance.

Is your process proven?

We have repeated our service literally thousands of times over the past 10 years, with a 100% success rate in correcting fluid spec.

How many customers do you have?

78 companies from all industries - Oil & Gas, CO2 Recapture, Mining, Industrial, Automotive, HVAC-R, and Waste Water Treatment - have partnered with us to slash their op costs, maintain their equipment, and reduce waste disposal.

Do you work with other chemicals besides glycol?

We are working on tailoring our process to solvents. We will be offering amine renewal very soon.

What if I choose to replace my glycol?

We actually pay you for hauling away your spent fluid. Never pay disposal fees again! We can then provide material that exceeds the expectations of your entire team: Engineering, Operations and Procurement.

What products do you sell?

Solutions of purified Ethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol and Triethylene Glycol: blended with demineralized water, inhibitor and dye to your desired spec. Quality proven by a ‘certificate of analysis’ and over-proven by third-party analysis. Priced ultra-competitively with the big distributors.

Which of your products is best for my compressor engines?

Clearkool is our fully-formulated antifreeze/coolant: EG 50:50 with demin water ; corrosion inhibitor / pH buffer added at 4% of solution volume ; dyed green for leak detection purposes. Clearkool meets the performance requirements of ASTM D6210, and is equivalent chemistry to Norkool, Jeffcool and Thermguard.

Which of your products is best for my line heater, and plant heating & cooling?

Cleartherm is our workhorse heat transfer fluid: EG 50:50 with demin water ; corrosion inhibitor / pH buffer added at 2% of solution volume ; dyed pink for leak detection. Cleartherm is equivalent chemistry to Ucartherm, Quadratherm and Dowtherm.

Are these products available in a more environmentally-friendly form?

Yes, we can swap EG for PG: Propylene Glycol is a much less toxic alternative to Ethylene Glycol.

Which of your products is best for my dehy unit?

Most natural gas producers use

Triethylene Glycol

to remove water from the gas stream in order to meet pipeline spec. We offer purified TEG in three concentrations: 100%, 90% and 80%.

Which of your products is best for my refrig unit?

An 80:20 mono-EG aqueous solution is used in all Refrig Plants. The fluid is regenerated with a reboiler temperature of approximately 117 to 118 degrees C. The rich glycol returning to the regenerator should contain an additional 10 wt% water or have a concentration of 70:30.

Can you custom-blend?

We are not limited to only providing the products listed above. We can customize the chemistry - concentration, inhibitor strength, anti-foams and pH boosters - based on specific engineering and operational requirements.

Can you arrange logistics? Do you deliver?

Clear Glycol Inc. owns and operates a fluid hauler with a 12,000 L capacity. Our drivers produce wash tickets upon arrival. The truck comes equipped with a picker unit to assist in drum delivery.

Have you found a way for my company to reduce costs by going green?

Upgrade your preventative maintenance program by involving Clear Glycol Inc. Our service is eco-revolutionary: reclaiming and purifying process fluids - saving you money. Our passion is doing the environmentally responsible thing: by renewing this resource, instead of dumping it down-hole. We're partners with 78 industry leaders… and counting!

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