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Glycol is used in the management of aircraft and airfield de-icing operations to ensure safety. Propylene glycol is sometimes used as a de-icing agent; however, ethylene glycol is used more often because it costs less. The most common techniques for removing frozen precipitation from aircraft critical surfaces and protecting the aircraft against re-contamination are accomplished with aircraft deicing and anti-icing fluids respectively.

Deicing is a procedure by which frost, ice, snow or slush (i.e. the frozen contamination) is removed from an aircraft by use of a heated Aircraft Deicing Fluid (ADF), to provide clean surfaces. Anti-icing is a procedure in which an Aircraft Anti-Icing Fluid (AAF) is applied to a surface free of frozen contaminants in order to protect the surface from the accumulation of frozen contaminants for a limited period of time.

  • Deicing airfields
  • Deicing aircrafts
  • Freeze point protection
  • Thermal transfer fluid
  • Heating and cooling systems

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